First Solo Sail from Granville to St Helier

Peter left Granville at 10:30am and arrived in St. Helier at 5pm after doing a longish tack west towards the Minquiers plateau in order to have a straight sail into St Helier. A short excerpt with Opsimath on autopilot and me firmly attached with a life-line. A couple of guys on the dockside at St Helier were very helpful getting me nicely moored and secured for the evening. Brother David arrived from Birmingham by plane the day after.

The day following his arrival we set sail for Lezardrieux in dense sea mist, it was virtually impossible to see beyond the bow of the boat. We motored all day and navigated on instruments. The AIS told us who was in the vicinity and so we had little use of the radar. I was very keen for David to see the “mythical” island of Bréhat however when we arrived visibility was only a couple of hundred yards. We spent the night at Lezardrieux harbour and shopped the next day in the cute little town.

We left the following day heading westward to Trébeurden where we stayed overnight on a visitor’s buoy outside the harbour. We got in some good swimming. On the way my Tilly hat blew overboard and this was a good opportunity to do a MOB (Man over board) exercise.  Executed in not exactly state of the art order however we did recover the hat quite quickly and efficiently.

Brother Dave at the helm20180622_140127


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