St Helier Port and the hustle bustle of Jersey

St Helier sardine

I wasn’t around for this leg of the journey when Peter sailed from Granville to Jersey to meet his brother Dave, who flew in from Birmingham to join him for a week. I’ve been to St Helier twice before, and none of my memories of it are great. The port itself is HUGE and most of it is quite industrial. We always ended up on the visitor’s pontoon shown above, though there may be nicer berths in adjacent marinas.

While waiting, Opsimath and Peter were stacked up like sardines on the visitor’s pontoon in St Helier. You can just make her out in the third row, and this must have been in between the heavier loads.

I’ll have to add more to this later, but I hear they ate “the best curry of all time” at The Jaipur in St Helier. Considering how many curries these men have eaten, tht’s a fairly enthusiastic recommendation.

My memories of downtown St Helier are of rows of banks and designer clothes shops, though we also anchored one year in a very pretty bay far from the city, which was quite lovely. It’s a very wealthy island, and I guess you can feel the money! That’s not what we’re looking for when we’re on the sea.

In the meantime, here they are, da Jersey Bruvvas….Jersey Boys

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