Harry Rocks, Poole Harbor and Chapman’s Pool

Harry Rocks.jpg

The last time we visited Poole, we left on the ferry, Peter wistfully dreaming of one day having a sailboat over his Full English brekkers in the ferry cafeteria.

This time, we returned to Poole to take big sister Liz and nice Lucy out for a spin in Opsimath. Liz, a thoroughly cool cat, is a local artist and (slam!) poet, notably involved in the local PEDAS (Pool and East Dorest Artist Society). She’s also not very keen on boating, so we had to coax her to come on board by letting her choose the destination: Chapman’s Pool.

We arrived late in the evening and somehow managed to anchor here, with a lovely view of Harry Rocks.

The next day, we entered the rather ritzy Sultan’s Marina! We were undoubtedly the smallest boat in the harbour, surrounded by what Peter calls “Gin Palaces” – huge motor cruisers designed by SunSeeker, and definitely made for a differen public than sailboats are! Live and let live, everyone was very kind nonetheless.

Just a side note: this was the most expensive marina we have ever stayed in, over 50£ a night. But for your money, you also have access to a very swank shower and toilet block, worthy of a day spa or luxury hotel!

After our day out on the water with Liz and Lucy, Liz pucked up a pretty damn good curry, which we enjoyed while watching world cup soccer on the (now removed) TV on board. We left early the next day, Peter this time saying farewell to Poole from our second home, Opsimath.

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