The Scilly Isles: Trescoe, Bryher, and riding out the storm in New Grimsby Sound

Potted crab from Bryher Island. We also got a whole cooked lobster for £12. Lobster, prawns, shrimps and scallops (coquilles St Jacques) are on Peter’s forbidden foods list however the temptation was too great.


The calm before the storm. Amazing how quickly the weather can change. Well we had been warned.

Riding out the storm in New Grimsby Sound. The catamaran was towed in by the RNLI towards the end of the afternoon with its mainsail and genoa shredded by the wind. During the night the wind rose to gail force and the 6 yachts on the line of buoys were badly shaken and strirred. Needless to say few of us slept that night. Several boat owners including us left their tenders in the water with their outboards attached. A fatal error since next morning we found the tender overturned and the outboard had spent most of the night under water. The following morning Peter stripped it down and dried and cleaned the starter mechanism and the spark plug but the motor just would not start. We took it to the boat yard in Mylor and they replaced the spark plug. The mechanic at Mylor told us that these outboards are designed to spend a week under water and should still start up afterwards. We haven’t had any trouble with it since but REALLY what a daft thing to do. We’re still going up the learning curve.

Our wind generator was still working at this stage. Spinning faster and faster. The visual effect is astonishing.



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