Mylor or Falmouth, where to stop?

It’s terrible going back over these entries that I’ve completely forgotten to write. To live up to the promise of the above title, I’ll try to make up for lost time.

Mylor is a very good place for a technical stop. Shipchandler, laundry, restaurants, and a very calm atmosphere. There’s a great little grocery store, Mylor Grocers, but it’s a bit of a walk away. However, the very friendly owner was more than happy to give us a ride back to the marina with our purchases, and hitchhiking in, I met some lovely people, too. We ate at both of the restaurants, and both were truly very good. But that’s about all you’ll find there.

After our mishap with the dinghy motor in the Scilly Isles, we were badly in need of professional help. The people at Mylor Chandlery, in spite of being incredibly busy, made time to fix our little motor, and help diagnose the problem we were having with our batteries. Much appreciated, indeed.

Walking to Mylor General Store

On our way out of Mylor the second time, we decided to stop into busy Falmouth. I’m glad we did!

It’s a hustling, bustling town, and walking down its main streets, you’ll find everything you need, from M&S to butchers, bakers, candle stick makers and fish mongers.

This is also where I stumbled into Cream Cornwall with it’s really nest home collection. I got some very beautiful pillows that fit Opsi to a T.

If it’s an active port with pubs, shops, and lots of action that you’re looking for, clearly Falmouth is the best choice. If you want some peace and quiet and perhaps technical help, Mylor is lovely.

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