Tested for you, the Nauticover! DIY fender cover kit that’ll save you a bundle! Product review.

Ever noticed how badly fenders can scratch your gel coat? And have you ever noticed the price tag on fender “socks”? Outrageous, right?

While pre-made fender covers run from about 25€ on up, we were able to buy 5 meters of sock fabric, enough for 6 fenders, for a mere 68€. Still, not cheap, I know. But clearly, cheaper.

Here are our tips for covering your fenders with Nauticovers… we love the name, and indeed, there’s something a wee bit naughty about putting them on!

1. Cut a few extra cm of fabric; once you cut, you can always make it shorter, but you can’t make it longer.

2. We had to buy longer plastic ties so that the eyes of the fenders would be sufficiently exposed. Plan ahead, these ran 8€ where we bought them, but you can probably get them for 20 cents each if you can shop around.

3. We sewed the hem into place; sooner or later, it would have wiggled loose from the plastic ties.

Measure your fender and add 7 or 8cm.
Cut the fabric
Slip the tube of fabric, inside out as shown, on to the top of your… fender.
Secure the plastic tie and cut off the excess…
Roll it down… you know the drill!
That’s it, big boy, you’ve got it!
Attach the tie at the top and roll the fabric over it to make a hem.
Sew the hem securely into place
And voilà! Your naughty bits are fully covered with Nauticovers!

Here’s a link to the only place I found these covers online (so far): http://www.nauticayamar.com/fender-cover-kit-5-mtr.-blue-nauticover.html

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