Wintering site found at last: safe and sound in Le Folleux

There has been little time to write recently and catch up with the blog entries, though it’s definitely on my list.

The good news is, we’ve left Opsimath in Port de Folleux (or Foleux, there seems to be a polemic on the spelling). The bad news is, we’ve left Opsimath in Port de Folleux. Bittersweet.

Well she’s moored in a beautiful setting on the Vilaine river and will be moved to a pontoon at end of October. This will allow us to carry out winter servicing and to fix stuff that needs fixing like the wind generator controller which we’ve received back from Marlec, the UK manufacturer. On the list of outstanding items, we need to take out the AIS 500 box and send it to Raymarine in the UK for servicing to enable us to change the MMSI code. The surface speed detector wheel seems to be clogged up (apparently we can expect this to occur at regular intervals) and the connection from the alternator to the tachometer seems to have come loose as we are only getting periodic motor hour readings and the tacho needle is a bit wobbly. And we’ll have to replace any water in the motor cooling system with antifreeze although we think it unlikely that there will be sub-zero temperatures in this region during the winter, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

One of the upsides of wintering Opsimath in the Vilaine is that she is in non salty water and so seaweed and various beasties like limpets and whatever will not grow on the keel. Also we were keen to have her inland as the winter storms on the Atlantic coast can be very violent and cause much damage.

Opismath has been on her own for the past five weeks and we’re looking forward to renewing contact and giving her some tender, loving care.

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