Castro Urdiales, lovely but no place for peaceful nights!

We stopped in the bay of Castro Urdiales expecting another small fishing town, but it was definitely not that. The old port town has considerably expanded over the years, and is now very built up. There’s a 13th century gothic chapel and castle, a lighthouse, and lots of beautiful architecture. There are charming streets full of great restaurants, pubs and bars. And, as everywhere around here in this season, there are thousands of Spaniards enjoying their summer holidays. It was both joyous and picturesque.The Reel Club Nautico manages a handful yellow buoys in the harbor, behind the sea wall. For 25€ a night you have access to the yacht club facilities, and to a 24 hour water taxi service, which is fantastic.The only problem is… the swell. The churning, rocking, exhausting swell. Now I love to be rocked to sleep on the water, but with corkscrew moves like we experienced both nights, sleep is not an option. The seawall breaks some of the incoming turbulence, but it also creates it’s own chopping swell, in addition to the returning swell sent back from land and stirred up by wind coming from inland. Yeesh!!!!!Last night has encouraged us to bite the bullet and move on to Santander, then down to the calmer Asturia and Catalunya regions.The town of Castro, however is absolutely charming.and animated, and obviously much appreciated by the Spanish for summer holidays…

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