Food and drink

Cooking in a small galley that’s constantly in movement? Bring it on!

Sara in galley.jpg

I’m a passionate cook and a dedicated homebody, yet I love to travel. Thing is, when you travel, it’s hard to cook, and, of course, even harder to be at home. As a cook, you don’t have your kitchen, your go-to ingredients, your favorite equipment… But having our own sailboat and a well-stocked galley means I can combine both! There’s something particularly challenging and exciting about building great meals in the small space, optimizing storage, improvising equipment, and striving to waste absolutely nothing. There’s also the clean up, and, since switching off the water pump to save electricity, we do it all with the foot pedal pump by the sink (and we can switch this to salt water when we’re out on long trips).

I’m just going to throw some food photos from our recent travels, and I’m sure I’ll come back to this section later!

Grilled veggie leftover lasagna… OMG.


Fish confitted in olive oil. Extraordinary.

Lamb chops, schtou, runner beans and fresh baked bread…
Quick ploughman’s lunch, everything but the kitchen sink.


noss church ledge.jpg

Fresh bread.jpg
Fresh baked bread, getting pretty good at the loaf!